About Us

HJewels is an investor, distributor and marketer with activities in the sales & marketing of Gold & Diamonds and Premium Fine Diamond Jewellery.

An 18 year track-record, a Private Client network, with customers throughout the UAE, GCC and Africa. From Royal Family members and High Net-Worth clients, our company is depended on daily, due to its long-standing personal client relationships and trusted high quality inventory.

Our founder’s jointly have over 20 years experience in the field of Gold & Diamonds and Fine Diamond Jewellery.



The HJewels Legacy

In 2001, the South African founders arrived in Dubai. Entering a new market was challenging, but the passion for hard work & confidence in Dubai paved the road ahead. They gradually defined their vocation to create unique fine diamond jewellery. Under this vision and leadership, HJewels was founded, which has since grown in to a vast organization with a presence and trading partners across the globe.
Holding a strong and respected name with suppliers and clients due to trust, firm vision for excellence, high quality inventory and active daily updates on global design trends, with additional depth, imagination and energy, the business has firm direction for progress and future growth, adapting quick to market changes.


Design & Quality

Each jewel tells its own story. It is a symbol of our most precious moments in life; a gift of first love; a night of romance; the union of two souls and the celebration of success. It lives with you and is passed down from generation to generation. It is these timeless emotions that we inspire our talented team to dare, dream and create unique and elegant designs, reflecting the classical aesthetics of jewellery making and design, and at the same time allowing HJewels to be on the fringe of contemporary taste and trends.

Our quality is possessively guarded, and all Jewellery sold is accompanied by industry recognized certificates of authenticity and standards.

Our Bespoke Services

Not everyone can be a jewellery designer, but everyone can have a bespoke piece designed specifically for them. With your inspiration, our ideas and a collaborative approach, at HJewels we can craft fine jewellery pieces tailored specifically to your tastes. By combining old and new techniques of jewellery making, we are able to create pieces to the highest degree of perfection all the while keeping your input every step of the way. With immaculate attention to detail and passion for perfection, HJewel’s master craftsmen ensure that each piece of jewellery adheres to the highest standards.

All of our diamonds are sourced particularly for each piece of bespoke jewellery and come with a certificate of authenticity. At HJewels we make sure that all our diamonds are conflict free and comply with U.N regulations

Ethical Sourcing

At HJewels we understand the importance of ethical sourcing. All of our diamonds and gems are guaranteed to come through legitimate and tested industry partnerships. Along with the global diamond industry, HJewels has a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. We proudly support measures such as the Kimberly Process, which tracks diamonds from its original sources, through manufacturing, to market availability. All diamond supplied by HJewels are warranted to be conflict-free. Responsible sourcing of other gems as well as mining are of utmost importance to us and we continually strive to uphold the highest industry standards in this regard.